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How It Works

Make Supper Simple.

Grab a fresh or frozen meal for supper tonight or plan ahead with our pre-ordered meal packages.

Meal Planning

Let Simply Supper help you meal plan. Our meals are Ready-2-Cook and offer a variety in your weekly meal plans. You can pre-order weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and because the meals are frozen, you can fit them in your meal plan when you need them most.

Click “ORDER NOW” and select the location near you, then the meal package and your menu items from our monthly menu.


What’s for supper tonight? Don’t have a plan? Simply Supper has your back. 

We make fresh meals daily that are Ready-2-Cook tonight. Just stop in at one of our locations and grab a Fresh-2-Go meal for tonight.  

Meals are first come first serve and are only available in-store.



Didn’t have time to pre-book? No problem, pop by our store to check out our Ready-2-Go freezer!

We stock our freezer weekly with meals from our current menu that you can grab from our freezer and stock yours.

Meals are first come first serve and are only available in-store.

Let Simply Supper Work For You

We Have Your Back.

By taking the guess work out of supper, we help families to gather together and enjoy a wide variety of healthy, delicious meals in the comfort of their own homes and at a fraction of the cost of take-out services.

Click the buttons below to see the different ways we can help!

We Assemble

Simply Solo


Ready 2 Go

Fresh 2 Go

We Assemble

Select your meal package and pick-up/delivery date and stock your freezer for the week or month.

Book online or by calling us

Simply Solo

Meals perfect for one! Individual pre-cooked meals that you thaw, heat and enjoy.


Let us come to you! Free delivery in YEG with an order of 6 or more meals.


Forgot to pre-order? No problem! From our freezer to yours, our frozen meals are ready to thaw, cook and enjoy. First come – First serve.

Available in-store only.


Don’t have a plan for supper? We have you covered. Meals made fresh daily to enjoy tonight. 

First come – First serve.

Available in-store only



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