What is Simply Supper?

Simply Supper is about simplifying supper for busy families. It’s about healthy delicious meals. Prepped in our kitchen. Prepared in yours. Enjoyed around your table.

How do Simply Supper Meals come?

All of our meals are assembled with uncooked items and often raw meat. You will need to fully cook the meals according to the instructions listed on each meal item. We offer both fresh-not-frozen meals on a first come first serve basis every day, as well we offer frozen meals that need to be thawed. All meals need to be cooked.

Can we assemble our own meals?

Yes! April 2022 we will bring back our “You Assemble” sessions. Pre-booking online is required, and you come in at a scheduled time and assemble your meals. We do all the prep work, you do the assembling and we do the clean up!

Do you deliver?

Yes we offer delivery. Delivery in Edmonton and the Greater Edmonton Area is offered at fee with a minimum order of 3 meals. Outside of Edmonton, delivery is available for a fee based on location.

Do you have fresh-not-frozen meals?

We have fresh-not-frozen meals available in-store every day while supplies last and are on a first-come-first-serve basis. So get here early!

How are you different from other boxed home deliveries?

Our meals will arrive frozen with minimal packaging, and you will receive several at a time. Each meal consists of the main meal portion and a starch, but we can swap out some sides with fresh or frozen vegetables depending on availability.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Our team works with special dietary requests and are diligent in ensuring that we make meals according to customer requests. We will assemble your meals without certain ingredients wherever possible.

When Simply Supper lists menus online for a 2 month period, can I place an order but choose from both month’s menus?

You can only place an order from one month’s menu. We only have the ingredients for one month’s menu available in our stores.

The 2-3 serving size is too much food for me. Can I make smaller portions?

The smallest serving size we offer for assembly is 2-3 portions. If you want smaller portions, we offer Simply Solos: a single serving meal size that is ready to go. The selection varies from day to day in each of our stores and can be either ordered online or purchased directly from our freezers.

Our family loved one of your meals. Can I expect to see it again and will you take special orders?

We have an extensive library of meals. In order to stay current, we introduce 1 or 2 new meals a month, so our collection is always growing. A popular meal will be repeated in 12-18 months, but some take longer to return. With a minimum order of 6 of that same meal, you can special order a meal that is no longer on the menu.

Do you share meal recipes?

We consider all our recipes proprietary and do not share them with customers.

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Available delivery times

We know that time is of the essence and that you value prompt delivery when ordering meals. That's why we've created a calendar that reflects our pre-booked delivery spots available for the month. You can easily check out the most convenient time slots for you and book your delivery accordingly. However, we understand that life is unpredictable and you might need a different delivery time or even same-day delivery. Simply give us a call and we'll work with you to try and accommodate your needs.

North – 780-249-3113

South – 780-433-6958



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