How It Works

At Simply Supper we provide all the ingredients for you to create meals and we take the guesswork out of it.

Simply pre-assemble your meals for the month in our store, and then cook at home using our simple instructions.  Or better yet, let us prepare the meals for you and save you even more time.


How to get started!

      Select a session – Go to 'Book A Session' on our website or phone 780.433.6958 to place an order and book a session.  Or stop by our store to pick up a Ready-2-Go or Fresh-2-Go meal.

      Select your menu items – Select your meal package and your menu items.  Remember we update our meals every month to keep variety on your dinner plate.

      Come In To Assemble or Pick Up your meals



We’re keeping supper simple for you with easy options to put delicious meals on your table.

1. You Assemble Meals.  Pick the meals you would like and come assemble them at our store.  You can add your own touch and see first hand what makes our meals nutritious.  Book a session and come assemble either a 6 meal or 12 meal package.    “This is our best value!” 

2.  We AssemblePick-Up’ Meals.  Pick the meals you would like from our monthly selection and we will assemble them for you – you just have to come and pick them up – let us do all the work for you!  Book a pick-up session and choose either a 6 meal or 12 meal package. It’s that Simple.

 3.  Ready-2-Go Meals.  We always have a selection of meals, desserts and side dishes in our freezer that are Ready-2-Go.  You can purchase as many or as few meals as you wish – it’s simple and you don’t need to book a session.  There’s something new every day.

4.  Fresh-2-Go Meals.  We understand busy lives; stop by our store on your way home and pick up one of our fresh meals ready for you to cook tonight.  It’s Simple. It’s Quick. It’s Nutritious. 


Nutritional information available on our website under the 'menu' section. 

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