“Simply Supper enables me to add variety to our meals without having to do any of the work! I love that I can create meals with unusual ingredients without having to seek out and purchase something I may use for only one recipe.

My kids have really enjoyed coming along to prep the meals and at 7 and 9 years old, they’re able to prep many meals on their own.

Prepping our own meals means we can still customize the flavouring to suit our tastes. When we’re short on time, I love having the option of Simply Supper doing all of the work for me!

The recipes are so quick as and easy to cook at home that it really saves me alot of time, especially on busy weeknights when I have a quick turnaround after work before heading off to activities with the kids.”

– Amy K.


I have loved using Simply Supper to help with meal planning and preparation during the busy work week. I appreciate the varied menu – it has helped me to try new flavours and meal ideas that I otherwise would have skipped over in a recipe book.

– Marlene D.


Simply Supper has transformed our home life. As a working mom of two busy teenagers, I am sure many of you can relate about how stressful mealtimes can be. Our lives are unpredictable most days and with two children who have a chronic illness, we often have hospital stays and numerous appointments added into our daily lives. Simply Supper has come to my rescue many times. It takes the weight off my shoulders and allows me the ability to be able to provide a delicious and nutritious meal, even on the days I feel like I am treading water. Are the meals high quality, nutritious and delicious….Yes they are! My family loves them, but what I love most is it gives me more time to enjoy my family and mealtime. They are my secret weapon that I think every family deserves. Thank you Simply Supper for making mealtime enjoyable for my family!

– Daphne Simkin, YEGBOX


I started going to Simply Supper 8 years ago. I had two toddlers and was so busy that I got into a rut when it came to getting supper on the table. My husband actually had the nerve to say he was tired of my cooking! I love how quick it is to go into Simply Supper to prepare meals, the staff is so helpful and everything is so easy. It give our family variety in our meals and most importantly saves us time. I love that before my kids have the chance to say “I’m hungry, what’s for dinner?” I all ready have a meal ready to go!

– Kathy W.


Simply supper is delicious, fun and very easy to prepare and cook! The recipes are delicious and healthy and very affordable. The staff are super friendly and so helpful at the river bend location!! Cant wait to see the new recipes and my favourite to recreate is the jalapeño salmon meal!!!

– Cherise F.


Simply supper is fantastic. Have been to private parties which were fun as well as weeknight session prep. My son has come and really enjoyed making the meals as well as eating them. I have been to the Northside store and the staff are friendly and helpful. The store is very clean and organized. I love being able to pull a great meal out of the freezer and know supper will be delicious. Great special every now and then, too.

– Colleen B.


Great place if you have never tried it. We’ve been coming for years. Fun to bring family to help assemble meals. Easy and ready to cook. Just keep in freezer. Also can order ready for pickup. Helps save lots of time in busy family schedules and very tasty meal choices.

– David P.


Great meals, and even better staff. Meals are easy to assemble and easy to cook!

– Tanis S


All of the meals have been easy to make, and my whole family has enjoyed them! So very handy for soccer nights when I have limited time to cook and come up with an idea – sanity saver! 🙂

– Kate B.


Clean, bright atmosphere topped off with friendly, approachable service!

– Sharleen S.

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