Simply Supper is calling all young philanthropists to our 4th Annual Lemonade Stand Day on Sunday, August 27, 2017. We are happy to say our friends at the Stollery Children’s Hospital will be partnering with our Lemonade Stands again this year.

This year our goal is to see 200 stands in the Edmonton area manned by the Simply Supper Junior Lemon Squeezers with a goal of purchasing two Portable Cardiology Respiratory Monitors for the Stollery Children’s Hospital.

To register your stand and receive your Lemonade Stand Kit, fill out our registration form (it’s below) and start planning your special Lemonade Stand. Registrations can be submitted directly on this site or emailed to

Don’t forget to send your registration to us by August 1, 2017!

What we supply

  • Lemonade
  • Cups
  • Poster Paper & Decorations

What you will need

  • Lemonade Stand or table
  • Juice Jug
  • Items for hand washing
  • Change for customers
  • Smiles!

About you

# of children hosting the stand:
Names of Children:
Supervising Adults Name:
Phone #:
*Address (if different from the address of your stand):
*Contact Email:
How did you hear about Lemonade Stand Day?

About Your Lemonade Stand

*Address of Lemonade Stand:
*Stand Name:
*Hours of Operation:
*information will be published on the Lemonade Trail Map

It is strongly suggested that children be supervised at all times. Prices and lemonade stand times are at the discretion of the host family.
Families are welcome to add other items to sell such as cookies, rice krispy squares or freezies. We suggest following proper hand
washing procedures and label any allergies.

Donation Of Funds

We are working closely with the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation on this event, however we do not make it mandatory your funds be donated to them.
*Will you be donating your Lemonade Stand Day proceeds to Simply Supper Helps in support of the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation?

(If no please specify which children's charity you will be donating the fund to)

*please do not use Stollery Children's Hospital balloons, decorations or signage if the answer is no

Lemonade Kit Pick Up Location (Select One)

* Kits will be available for pick up the week of August 15th. Exact location and hours of operation will be emailed to you with your confirmation.


Your stand location is an important decision.

1. If your stand is at your house and located on your property, no permit or insurance is required.
2. If you host your stand in front of a business, permission is required from the business and you are responsible to acquire any permits and insurance required by the business.
3. If you are considering a city park, you must call 311 and obtain all the proper permits and insurance required by the City of Edmonton Bylaw at your own expense.

Release, Waiver & Indemnity

Please read the release, waiver and indemnity below carefully. By signing this document, you will be waiving or giving up certain legal rights including the right to sue or claim compensation following an injury or damage to property.

In consideration of Simply Supper Ltd. allowing me to participate in “Lemonade Stand Day”, I, on behalf of myself and my heirs and personal representatives, release and promise not to sue each of Simply Supper Ltd. and its legal representatives, principals, partners, administrators, successors, predecessors, subsidiaries, affiliates, related entities, assigns, agents, representatives, employees, directors, officers and shareholders (collectively “Simply Supper”) from any and all claims, liabilities, demands, damages, actions or causes of action, costs, and lawsuits of any kind that I or my heirs or personal representatives have or may have against Simply Supper arising from or in any way relating to my participation in “Lemonade Stand Day” due to any reason whatsoever including negligence, gross negligence, breach of contract, breach of duty or fault on the part of Simply Supper.
I further agree to indemnify Simply Supper from any and all liability for any damage, loss, expense or injury to any third party resulting from my participation in “Lemonade Stand Day”.

In order for Simply Supper and the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation to communicate with you via email and continue sending you electronic news and information pertaining to Simply Supper, the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Stollery Children’s Hospital, we require your expressed consent to ensure we are in compliance with the government’s existing privacy legislation and new anti-spam legislation effective July 1, 2014

*Simply Supper/Simply Supper Helps has permission to post pictures of your stand/participants on our website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page(s) for promotional use.

*I give my express consent to receive emails from the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation and its affiliates.

*I give my express consent to receive emails from Simply Supper and its affiliates.

*I Agree to run Lemonade Stand Day Rain or Shine.Yes

*Print Name: Date: Calendar

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